How Do I Learn to Trust My Instincts?

How Do I Learn to Trust My Instincts?

Intuition was once thought to be an extrasensory thing, something that was too far out to be real. Perhaps it was ‘that feeling’ you got about a certain person you met that you had seen them before or had been in a certain place before. It might be that feeling you get when you walked into a room of people and felt like something was not right when you walked in. Intuition is seen now as more of a positive thing, with respect and value in society. The key is learning to ‘trust your gut,’ as the saying goes, and know what it is trying to say.

Improving Choices

Many people get ‘funny feelings’ now and then. This can help you make better decisions to protect recovery. You need to listen to that inner voice of wisdom that speaks. Many ways you can do this will help prevent relapse if you know how to listen well:

  • Meditate: when you meditate, you open yourself up to hearing that still, small voice. Simple, short practice sessions where you sit quietly can help empty your mind and clear away mental noise and clutter that gets in the way of you hearing your own intuition speak
  • Self care: every person in recovery needs a self care routine. It is easy to put off and say it doesn’t matter but if you get hungry or tired or lonely, you can easily feel triggered or start craving something else that leads down that ugly road. Take good care of yourself, follow your intuition that tells you it is okay to care for yourself and your needs
  • Practice: the key is to keep practicing. The more you listen to yourself, the more you will keep hearing it speak louder and louder. Keep meeting those needs.

Tips to Help

If you are not sure how to tap into the power of your own intuition, these tips can help you get motivated to try it:

  • Phone a friend: check in with your sponsor or friend, therapist, and other loved ones who can talk out what you’re feeling. Addiction recovery is lonely sometimes so don’t hesitate to find people you trust to reach out to and seek help
  • Try writing in a journal: practice recording what you feel and have a talk with your higher power. Record what you feel. You may find over time you are able to see a pattern of listening to your voice to get positive results. Keep track in writing for yourself what you want to have happen with this intuitive feeling and see what happens
  • Get exercise: staying healthy is key to recovery. It frees up mental space and lets you clear out the cobwebs. You don’t have to think about anything else during this time. It helps you calm the mental noise and start listening to your own heart

You know yourself and your recovery. If you have struggles you cannot share with others, it may be time to check into treatment and find people who can support your journey of healing. If your intuition says it is time to get healed and on the road to recovery, there are places and people ready to support your intuitive sense that it is time to move forward and seek help.

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