How Do I Overcome the Fear of Being Alone?

How Do I Overcome the Fear of Being Alone?

Nobody likes to think about living their life alone. Perhaps that is because we are social creatures by nature and love community with each other. Some people who are introverts value time alone but also seek out others to share their life with. There can be other reasons why people become isolated and afraid of being other people but there are ways to combat fear of being alone.

Moving Ahead

Addictive behaviors can leave you feeling vulnerable, especially because addiction helps suppress, reduce, or ignore uncomfortable feelings. The key to moving through this is to learn how to be proactive. Making choices and taking actions that put you in position of feeling grounded and stable creates a space to reduce the fear of being alone. These steps can help you process this as well:

  • Ask what it is you are afraid of. The more clear you are about specifics, the more directly you will be able to find ways to remedy the situation
  • Ask what would make you feel safe. Make a list of all the things that need to change to make you feel more safe. Start by recognizing each element that makes you feel unsafe, then identify what would turn danger into safety
  • Ask what needs to happen to create the feeling of safety you desire. Use your answers from the previous steps to develop an actionable strategy. Outline what needs to get done to create the situation that feels right to you.

Getting Unfrozen

It helps to give up any behavior that masks uncomfortable feelings. This will offer opportunities to you that help reclaim control over how you feel about how you live your life. The best antidote to fear is action. When you think about action steps, you begin to move out of freeze mode into motion. When you are frozen, you are unable to get things flowing in your mind or body. It can feel like you are stuck where you are for no good reason. When you seek ways of moving ahead that support a transition from fear to movement, this can help you process what needs to happen. Fear only serves to keep you stuck in the same routine, the same space, and same path without helping you actually take steps forward. The opposite of fear, mobility, tasks you with making necessary changes that will help propel you out of isolation and fear into connection and joy. It may take therapy, medication, rehab for addiction, or a combination of some or all those things before you realize what needs to happen to support your best life now.

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