How Do I Protect My Emotional Space?

Energy is so important, especially emotionally speaking. The energy you have goes across all of your body including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. It is not just food and exercise that impacts energy. People can take up emotional space in our lives which impacts us all over our bodies. Learn some ways to protect your emotional space with these helpful tips.

Set Boundaries

When you are trying to clear out emotional space, you need to set an intention ahead of time before you know people will be taking up energetic room nearby. You have to hold your energy close and be willing to be in space with someone with whom you can stay calm, cool, and collected while setting personal boundaries to keep yourself safe.  Some good intentions to try:

  • I release reactions and respond in my own power
  • My energy raises the energy of the room to keep me protected
  • I am full of confidence, energy, and joy

Keeping these intentions, or your own, in mind, can help set a positive intention from the start with people who may take up more emotional space than you’re willing to give up.

Bubble Wrapping

There is a technique you can try that is called ‘bubble wrapping,’ or protecting yourself in your imagination within a white or golden bubble. Anytime someone says something or does something to irk you, imagine energy from their words, language, or actions bouncing off you. Their stuff is trying to be projected onto you so set an intention and don’t absorb it. These affirmations may help:

  • I am free from energy drains
  • My energy is mine and safe
  • I am protected and only allow positive energy and thoughts around and through me

Release Energetic Ties

When we ‘surrogate’ for someone else’s energy, it is because part of us feels they are unable to care for themselves. We take on other people’s stuff because we want to fix them or relieve a burden. It can leave you feeling depressed, anxious, or fatigued. Try these techniques to keep other people’s ‘stuff’ off of you:

  • Sit for a moment, breathe, and think of the other person
  • Imagine the person attached to you with an energetic rope or string
  • Slowly, gently, pull the rope or string away from your energy field, or body, and act like you are pulling it all the way out and throwing it as if into the ocean.
  • Imagine yourself free from this person’s energy

The final thing you can try if you want to clear emotional space of others is to use sage, salt water in bowls, crystals, sprays, or just open a window and let fresh air take away old air, old energy, and negative energy hanging around. Decluttering your home and space can also clear room for positive, healing space to take over for any negative emotional stuff hanging around.

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