How Do I Stay on Track with Summer Sobriety?

How Do I Stay on Track with Summer Sobriety?

Staying focused on sobriety when summer months come along can be a challenge for some people. The weather is warmer, the sun shines longer, so it seems like the perfect time to be going out more with friends. The summer is a time to relax and kick back but there is no way to relax when you are sober. Triggers and cravings may be just around the corner. If you want to be successful in sobriety, you have to plan ahead so you feel more successful this summer.

Stay Focused

Your daily routine and habits are going to save you this summer. Actually, any time of year, this is true, but especially in the summertime. Staying connected to your support groups, community, and sober friends will be your best bet to stay on top of your recovery plan. It may feel daunting because, let’s face it, recovery is a lifestyle, not a program. You have to live out recovery each and every day. Whether or not you just left rehab or have been to rehab months prior, it is important to stick with what works and stay connected to your sober community.

Know Your Triggers

Relapse can happen at any time to any person in recovery. A person in recovery for years may slip up as much as any person fresh out of rehab. The chances shift tremendously the more you understand your triggers and what you need to do to stay focused on recovery, but people, activities, or places that remind you of what you did when you used substances are best avoided. Instead, try to focus on:

  • Hanging out with sober friends
  • Going places where there is no alcohol served
  • Getting outside into nature
  • Avoiding old spots that remind you of where you used drugs or drank

If you plan to get away for a small trip or staycation, take a friend with you for accountability. Keep those numbers handy for sober companions and be ready to ring people up who can help you if you are struggling.

Be Honest

Take a personal inventory of yourself and how you feel. Be honest with yourself and your sober friends and family who care about you. If you ignore your emotions or go to meetings without sharing what is on your heart and mind, you are doing yourself a disservice. Keeping things to yourself is only hurting you in your recovery. If you are honest with yourself, you can be more vulnerable to sharing openly with them what is going on in your life so they can help. Don’t be afraid of your emotions. Instead, own up to them and practice good self-care by being present to yourself and others enough to share the struggles so people who are there for you can help.

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