How Do I Swing My Way to Health Through Golf?

If you ever wondered whether golf could teach you a thing or two about addiction recovery, you were right. There are lots of ways the sport can help you improve your grip on more than a golf club. Your life has changed and now you are forced to adapt your swing and start a new game. Golf is the perfect game to teach you how to get healthy and stay sane in recovery.
Get a Grip
The mechanics of golf seem simple but there are lots of hidden complexities. It is easy to get wrapped up in it while never actually making the progress you want. It is a dark hole to go down when you become so obsessed with the perfect swing, you forget to actually swing the club. The best way to swing a club is by being true to yourself and how you were designed to swing. The only want to hit that target is by practicing, day by day, and getting a grip strong enough to take you to the next hole, then the next.
Swing by Swing
No golf game is ever perfect. There are always ways to improve. If you want to be healthier in recovery, the game of golf will teach you to do that swing by swing. You will never improve your game if you don’t show up to practice more than once in awhile. In fact, it’s better to practice a little everyday if you want to get truly better at the game. You may never be Tiger Woods or a pro player, but you can learn a lot about setting up a shot, taking the swing, and focusing on that target which will help you in recovery, and life.
Golf for Recovery
The game of golf has the power to be a sanctuary for some who step on the green. It can take you away from the daily grind for a moment and provide space to get past the relationships, work, and issues facing you. If you lose your temper or lose your tempo during the game, it can be hard to focus on that prize. Of course, recovery is not the game of golf. There is no end game. Recovery is a day-by-day endeavor that is fought hard with each step. As in golf, so it is in life, that you cannot overthink the game. Remember just to swing at the ball and don’t worry about whether you have the swing just right. You can work to keep perfecting your steps if you show up, take the time, and put in the effort to make each day (and game) better than the last.

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