How Do People Become Addicted to Pills? 

 How Do People Become Addicted to Pills? 

Pill addiction is becoming more common with people who are using painkillers and opioids to numb their pain. Average, everyday citizens, including teenagers, are becoming addicted to pills. People with drug addiction are not who everyone thinks they are and it can happen to anyone. Neighbors, friends, and colleagues are struggling with addiction. Find out more about pill addiction, how it starts, and how to offer help. 

Prescription Pain Relief

People who take painkillers as prescribed may still be at risk of addiction. The reason is that the pills themselves are highly addictive. A person may start taking opioids to manage symptoms of severe pain and it may lead to dependency. Not all prescription medications carry a risk of addiction but people who take prescription medications are liable to experience dependence at some point, especially if use is long term. 

Common Myths

When people think of addiction, they typically think about someone on the street using drugs. After repeated exposure to a drug, several changes occur in the brain. This may cause cravings when the drug is withheld. Individuals may be more successful if they get assistance in recovering from addiction. It is a disease of the mind and body. People are not going to be addicted for life, as some may think. There is hope and help for those with addiction to find healing. 

Mental Health Disorders

People who are struggling with mental health issues may find themselves addicted to pills. They are twice as likely to suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder when they are addicted to pills but may also be using it to help mitigate their issues. Mental health can be anything from anxiety to depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other mental health conditions. 

Programs that provide behavioral modification therapy may work with people in recovery so they can learn and practice skills necessary to function without drugs.  People in recovery will do therapy, detox, and other programs that will support them from getting off the drugs and finding hope for dealing with their underlying issues without resorting to substances. This is key to learning and growing as much as possible in healing from addiction. 

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