How Do People Regain Trust in Marriage After Rehab? 

How Do People Regain Trust in Marriage After Rehab? 

Addiction does not just take a toll on the person who experiences the damages. Everyone around them experiences the effects of it, including the lying, stealing, and often cheating that go along with addiction. Figuring out how to rebuild trust within marriage for partners can be difficult once it has been broken. It takes time and patience to work at it, little by little, day by day. The chance to rebuild a marriage is worthwhile, even if it takes time. 

Rebuilding Trust

Coming back home from addiction treatment, or experiencing outpatient treatment, can be taxing on the mind and body. It is also taxing on personal relationships. To regain trust with a partner is no easy feat. It requires a lot of time put into focusing on that person and rebuilding what is lost. Some ways to regain trust following addiction treatment include:

  • Showing up: part of addictive behavior is a lack of showing up for the partner and they feel left behind. Trust is gained through actions and apologizing to them. Changing lifestyle and rearranging things so that person feels like a priority (just behind treatment and recovery) is key
  • Be patient: perhaps losing a job, getting into financial or legal trouble, was part of the addiction but now there is a chance to recover and heal. This takes patience to re-establish a new routine that works for the family, specifically the partner that shouldered much of the responsibility while the other partner dealt with their addiction
  • Therapeutic support: don’t underplay the importance of therapeutic support for both the person with the addiction and the partner. Going to couples counseling is good but recovery means asking the partner to come to 12-step programs and work on making amends to those who have been hurt

Difficult relationship challenges can be overcome with time and patience. Professionals often become a place where the people can begin to resolve their issues and start moving forward in the healing journey. Therapists give everyone a voice so they feel heard and valued. While the person with an addiction might not understand everything they did and the impact, they are able to start having awareness of how their addiction impacted their partner and begin the journey of rediscovering how to be better in recovery. The road is long and filled with challenges but is worth doing for the sake of a person’s marriage and relational healing. 

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