How Does Flexibility and Confidentiality Support Executives in Rehab?

How Does Flexibility and Confidentiality Support Executives in Rehab?

Executives and professionals who struggle with addiction can often find themselves in a difficult spot when it comes to seeking help. Flexibility and confidentiality are two musts for most executives because they require them to navigate recovery effectively. Find out how it supports people in rehab and how to find the right help for loved ones.

Drug Use and Executives

When professionals use drugs, they often start because of stress or pressure in their jobs. They may have social pressures on the job, or they may feel the dependence of people on them to be ‘on.’ the consequences of this to their health are astronomical. Some of the challenges for executives who abuse substances include:

  • Drinking problems for attorneys
  • Anxiety and depression for those in the legal profession
  • Surgeons who use drugs or alcohol to cope with work
  • Substance abuse rates that are highest among those in upper management and above

Professionals are not exempt from the struggles of daily life. When a person’s alcohol or drug use occurs, they are crying out for help but are feeling silenced by the drug use. Trained addiction recovery specialists often can support a person who struggles with substance abuse so they can regain control over their lives.

Why Make it Different

Executives who are busy have different treatment needs than most people. They often have professional responsibilities that cannot be set aside for any length of time. Addiction recovery facilities understand special needs of those addicted and devise specialized treatment plans to support them. The primary goal is to help the executive make it back to work as soon as possible. Some programs provide space to take calls, read reports, give instructions, or offer help to those at the company filling in for them while they are away. 

Executive Recovery Program

When looking for an executive recovery program, there are many things to keep in mind. Professionals often look for:

  • Flexibility: Customized treatment plans
  • Services: everyone all in one house (doctors, counselors, specialists)
  • Holistic offerings: incorporating total health and wellness into a treatment program
  • Amenities that are upscale and comfortable to bring peace and relaxation
  • Connections with the best in the business who help them navigate state licensing boards, unions, requirements, and professional spaces to keep their jobs intact in spite of the addiction
  • Aftercare: learning to manage treatment so they can take it into aftercare and craft a sober lifestyle that suits them

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It takes incredible strength to learn how to navigate life in recovery after addiction. It means letting go of control and of a different narrative than previously thought possible. There is no reasoning with addiction. It means managing the best a person knows how, gaining the right tools from professionals, and returning to life the best way they can.

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