How Lavender Essential Oil Can Help Tame Anxiety

Lavender is an herb that sometimes helps people relieve anxiety. One of the most used aromatherapy herbs, lavender has properties that support relaxation. Some research shows lavender as an essential oil may possess sedative properties, which may play a key role in anxiety-reducing effects.


According to the principles of aromatherapy, breathing in the scent of lavender essential oil or applying lavender essential oil to the skin transmits messages to the limbic system. Proponents suggest that lavender essential oil may help alleviate anxiety in party by inducing a calming effect on the central nervous system. One way this is done is by using a carrier oil like jojoba that blends in to be massaged into the skin or put into a bath. Sprinkling some on top of a cloth or tissue to inhale its aroma can also help, along with vaporizing.


There are no large-scale clinical trials which test out lavender’s effects on people with anxiety. A number of studies look at some of the properties but some studies have shown just breathing in the oil helps build relaxation and improve mood. Lavender-essential-oil-based aromatherapy may help soothe anxiety in high-risk postpartum women. Researchers have found that four weeks of twice-weekly, 15-minute long aromatherapy sessions helped alleviate depression in addition to lowering anxiety levels.


There are many ways to lessen everyday anxiety naturally. Practicing mind/body techniques like meditation and deep breathing may help build relaxation and keep anxiety in check. Massage and acupuncture may also help people with anxiety.
While lavender may help soothe mild anxiety, for cases where people struggle with really severe anxiety, it is not a replacement for mental health support from a professional. For symptoms like constant worrying, anxious thoughts, or irrational behaviors associated with anxiety disorders, it is important to seek support from a treating medical doctor who can offer help for anxiety, which may include use of lavender or other natural remedies. It may also be necessary to seek medication to build a better recovery.

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