How Long Does it Take for Addiction to Occur?

How Long Does it Take for Addiction to Occur?

Addiction differs for every person, regardless of how long they used drugs or what type. Each person who becomes addicted has a unique story to tell. Once addiction takes hold, your life is changed forever and it will never be the same. For addiction to occur, it takes a period of time but it may also happen immediately for some people. Find out why it varies and how to help a loved one with an addiction. 

Making Waves

The brain has its own way of processes experiences. With addiction, a person may use one time or they may feel the effects immediately. When someone uses a drug, they may experience euphoria. The brain responds differently to drugs than alcohol, with every drug affecting unique areas of the brain. Depending on how the drug was taken depends on an individual and the effects will also vary widely within the brain itself. 

Risk Factors

It does not take a long time for the brain to become addicted. Certain things impact whether or not addiction occurs. This includes:

  • Family history and genetics: addiction can run in families for people who have the disorder. Certain beliefs and attitudes may also play a role in a person’s possibilities around addiction
  • Peer pressure: as young adults, kids want to do what their friends do. If close friends use drugs, the chances increase they may do the same. It is better to stay away from negative influences but is not always possible
  • Family structure: if you don’t feel safe at home, you may be more likely to get involved with drugs to numb pain,   at home, or other issues you’re having. An unstable home can be problematic, especially if parental supervision is absent. 

Other factors that may play a role in how a person handles addiction to drugs is whether or not they have good self-confidence and self-esteem. People who are lower in these traits tend towards depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues and may succumb to addiction. The truth is, becoming addicted does not take long, no matter why a person starts using drugs. The time it takes to pick up the drug and use it is the same amount of time it can take to become addicted. It is not a good idea to experiment by thinking this will only happen once. The reality shows that people generally don’t just use one time, they use more than once. This can lead to issues down the road with addictive behaviors. Learning to say no is not the only way, but it can help you navigate away from drugs towards a healthy life. Recovery is also about healing and trying to recover from a painful past. It may take a while to get back on your feet but healing is possible when you admit the need for help and go after it with your whole heart. 

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