How Prevalent Is Addiction In The Workplace?

More than 22 million people in America are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Less than ten percent of those people will get the treatment they need to recover. 70% of them, however, will continue to maintain employment as their addiction issues worsen. Functioning addiction and alcoholism is sustainable for a matter of time- for the addict or the alcoholic. For the company and business owners, however, the cost of addiction in the workplace is not sustainable, taking a significant toll.

Addiction In The Workplace By The Numbers:

  • $81 billion in lost profits: Addiction in the workplace costs over $80 billion in lost profits for businesses and organizations, every single year. While addicts and alcoholics continue to work, their productivity in work increasingly worsens. Though they can maintain a job they might not be able to maintain the same job, costing companies a lot of money in turnover, firing, and hiring. Some turn to embezzling or stealing from the workplace, either directly from the company or from fellow employees. In addition, they may take more days off as they get sick from using, sick from trying to stop using, or going to doctors appointments. Absenteeism, sick time, paid time off and more can affect the workplace tremendously.
  • 42% of employees who are currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction report feeling that they aren’t as productive as they used to be. It’s possible the other percentage simply doesn’t notice.
  • 16% of emergency room visits for work-related injuries include the consumption of alcohol, according to breathalyzer tests
  • 10% or more of workplace fatalities include the consumption of alcohol

There are other risks involved as well. Being intoxicated heavily or minimally during the day leads to cognitive dysfunction, resulting in poor judgment and poor decision making. Feeling tired, exhausted, not in the right mind, not focused, still drunk or high, is a risk to productivity, profit, but more importantly, safety.
Mental illness in the workplace, be it addiction, alcoholism, or co-occurring disorders, has no specific ranking. Lowest level employees to highest level employees can struggle with their mental health and have an impact on the company as a whole.

If you are a business owner or executive who is struggling with mental illness or addiction, there is a program available for you. Oceanfront Recovery offers a specialized executive treatment program which provides the utmost privacy in care while giving executives a safe and structured place to work while recovering. For information, call us today: 877.279.1777