How successful are addiction treatment programs?

Measuring the success of addiction treatment programs is almost the same as attempting to measure the success of a particular medicine or prescription. Both addiction treatment programs and medicine have been designed to be as successful and efficient as possible. Whether they are, however, is completely up to the patient!
Studies indicate that the success of addiction treatment programs in general is measured much differently than  most other plans and programs. This is because, unlike other programs, the success of a program is not solely based on an individual’s ability to achieve sobriety. Because addiction treatment programs pursue a more holistic approach to the welfare of their patients, there are a number of factors that are considered when it comes to measuring their success.
The first factor that is considered when measuring the success of addiction treatment programs is the simplest: did the patient stop using drugs as a result of the treatment? Due in large part to the addiction recovery center’s focus on detoxifying the mind, body, and soul, the answer here is a resounding yes. Many individuals that leave an addiction recovery center have not touched a drink or illegal substance in months. At the very least, no matter how long the program is, they have not touched anything they shouldn’t have for as long as they have been in it.
The second factor to consider is whether or not addiction treatment stopped or minimized the amount of criminal, manipulative, or exploitative behavior exhibited by the patient towards those he/she interacts with on a daily basis. Many individuals who suffered from addiction used a number of tactics to get their next fix. For addiction treatment professionals, it is important that the moral and legal issues associated with a patient’s addiction and/or substance abuse are mitigated or, preferrably, no longer existent . Year after year, addiction treatment facilities are successful at doing just this.
Finally, you must consider whether a patient’s social and psychological functioning have been improved by an addiction treatment program. With the programs consistently instituted by addiction recovery centers to teach the skills necessary to get along with others, excel at work, and get closer to family, this is also a resounding yes!
With the number of criteria set forth to gauge the effectiveness of addiction treatment programs, it seems like they would fail in at least one category. Fortunately, year after year, thousands successfully go through treatment and come out on the other side all the better for it because these programs are just that good!