How to Enhance Resiliency in the Face of Adversity

When a person survives natural disasters, are victims of abuse, or neglect, or face other trials in life, they may struggle for a time to understand the complexities of what happened. Trauma can be a major setback for people. Everyone endures hardship now and then but it is how a person responds that matters. Feeling weighted down by the struggle can be difficult for people who want to move forward and find some resiliency in their lives. Find out how people can build resiliency, even when pain and trauma occur.

What is Resilience

Resilience is the ability to cope with adversity and to use challenges to forge strength and prosperity. Having resilience does not mean a person will not struggle, make mistakes, or need help. Resilient people are those who keep going even when things are challenging. They learn from their mishaps and rely on others for confidence and trust. Adversity does create struggle in its own way but tragedy does not have to have the last word for people in their lives. Whether the struggles are traumas or daily setbacks, the tools of resilience can help a person gain control over their path and cultivate a positive attitude.

Reframe Interpretations

People who have resilience find a way to explain their situations in a more positive light while accepting reality. Imagine a news broadcast interviewing victims of a natural disaster a year later. Some think they will never recpature their lives and others realize they can overcome it and be stronger. We have the ability to decide how to interpret adversity in life. They are not positive in that regard, but they are teachers on the path of life. They are also teachers for the journey of recovery because they teach about how to help people who are struggling with addiction and need help for healing.

Know What to Control

A person who is optimistic can be resilient and succeed by virtue of focusing on what they can do about their situation. When faced with ac hallenge, people who are pessimistic are more likely to be blind to chances to enact positive change than others who are stuck in a victim mindset. A person who is optimistic maintains an accurate view of the control they have. Despite being stuck in a situation, they identify points of control and take advantage of them. Resilience is the act of taking a step forward in spite of dire circumstances.

Seek Support

People who seek support are usually better off than those who try to struggle alone. While personal strength maters, it is ultimately the sense of community and relationship to others that enables resilience. The ability to relate and process struggle in safe relationships buffers against negative effects of childhood trauma.

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