How to Face Yourself (and Your Loved Ones) with Humility

How to Face Yourself (and Your Loved Ones) with Humility

Learning to be humble takes time in recovery. It is a lesson that everyone has to learn on their own terms when struggling with sobriety. There are no quick, fast, easy answers for the journey. The challenge is learning how to face it head on and begin to face what you need to do to take ownership of your life. Learning to face this will help recovery and support the journey of healing.

Enter Recovery

Recovery is a time of great discovery. Painful experiences and memories can come roaring back to the surface. Nothing is as hard as facing yourself in recovery. The first step you have to take is becoming humble when looking at your journey and the need for help. Being humble is a sacred practice. It creates an opening for God, or a higher power, to do a great work in your life. There is insight that comes from adjusting your personal perspective to think differently about your life and that includes being humble and letting go of control.

Setting Up for Success

Recovery will set you on the road to feeling successful in life like you never thought possible. When you humble yourself, you take a moment to ask where you are possibly suffering because you fear letting go. If you are humble each and every day, God will help you keep everything together. It is hard but worthwhile when you think about where you came from. Looking at ways you can do that will support a practical side of becoming humble that will serve your journey well.

Practicing Humility

The practical side of humility sounds easy to do but is actually more difficult because you likely haven’t been doing it for awhile when you were under the influence of substances. It helps to ask for guidance from the higher power you look up to. In remaining sober, you can ask to be of more service to people, take a moment to humble yourself, and adopt a posture of being teachable. When you are willing to grow, you can let go of control and let everything go that is not in your control. There is nothing more difficult in recovery than letting go of control but it is the only way you can truly become a more humble person. If you seek it out, it will find you. Take time everyday to practice thankfulness and humility which will set you up for greater success in the future.

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