How to Get Off the Sidelines of Your Life and Get in the Game

How to Get Off the Sidelines of Your Life and Get in the Game

People who struggle with getting into the recovery zone after addiction typically struggle with the idea they cannot do what they used to do. Getting caught up in thinking too hard about the past and what it was like can quickly derail positive thinking and behavior in recovery. What you may need is to find a new game plan, a new set of goals, that sets you apart from who you were before and gives you a new vision. Learn some tips for how to get off the sidelines if you feel ready to get back in the recovery game.

Get Vision

When you lack vision, you can fall short of how to accomplish what you need to feel successful. What gives you meaning now is different than it was five, even ten years ago. Think about how far you’ve come in that time and where you are now as a way to set yourself a new vision of hope for the future. Some things to think about:

  • What dreams you have now
  • What your desires may be
  • Where you see yourself in a few years
  • Qualities and values that make you come alive

Yes, You Can

People are not always good at self-belief. They often struggle with identifying who they are and what they bring to the table. With enough time and effort, people can do anything they want. You are just as capable of handling your life now as you have ever been. It just takes self belief to get back in the game. Some tips:

  • You will struggle; that’s ok
  • Honor where you are now
  • Look forward to ways you can develop skills and abilities you desire but don’t focus too much on what you don’t have
  • Assume you have all you need right now to take the next steps forward

Confidence to get off the sidelines and into your own life is through acknowledgement you can, and do, have what you need to take care of yourself in recovery.

Respect Others

Everyone in recovery is playing the same game, albeit at different speeds. Not everyone is going to want to go where you are going, do what you do, or even focus on the same things in recovery. The key is to love and respect where others land in the journey and seek to experience as much goodness as possible. It takes too much negative energy to focus on other people’s faults. Use that energy, instead, to focus on what you are doing right, how you can create positive intention in recovery, and help lift others up in word and deed.

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