How to Intervene Before Rock Bottom Hits

How to Intervene Before Rock Bottom Hits

Addiction can creep up on you before you even realize it has happened. In hindsight, you may see a problem existed for awhile and you were not ready to admit it, but now is the time to seek help. Even if you hit close to rock bottom, there is no sense going all the way down if you don’t have to do that.

Fully Committing

Support is helpful when it comes to changing drinking habits. It is easy to be non-committal at first because recovery is hard. There needs to be a space that is safe enough to talk about the desire to quit while holding in tension the desire to keep the old ways going. If you are drinking more than you ever have, there should be a way to find support even in the midst of your trial. Until you are fully sure you want to quit, you are likely not going to fully commit to a program, 12-step group, or anything else. Eventually, you must get connected to a doctor who offers video consults and medication-assisted treatment.

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom refers to the concept a person hits the lowest point in addiction. In some cases, people hit it as they recognize their circumstances and need for change all at the same time. It may result in arrest, overdose, loss of a job, or something else. The problem with rock bottom is people assume this is a necessary step in the recovery journey. Rock bottom implies a solitary moment, where a person can experience rock bottoms on their own but it often begins with shame.

Don’t Wait

Rather than waiting for the bottoming out to occur, you can try finding a way to raise the bottom. When minor changes happen, this can inspire a desire to seek treatment without having to suffer consequences. It is not uncommon for people with substance use disorders to feel the worst case scenario to be loved ones finding out they use drugs. Most of the time, they already know. When done right, intervention can be done soon enough to protect the person from really being consumed by addiction.

The key is to not wait until it is too late to do something for a loved one, or yourself, for that matter. Interventions can be done by professionals who are hired, you can intervene, or you might be ready to finally admit the need for help and go to treatment. Whatever the case may be, you need not hit rock bottom to find your way back up. It is alright to seek help where you are right now and start the journey today.

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