How to Keep Breakups from Letting Recovery Tank with These Tips

How to Keep Breakups from Letting Recovery Tank with These Tips

Dating in recovery is one of the biggest challenges there is at this sensitive time in life. It is not as if relationships are banned, but recovery is about focusing on healing from addiction. After all the work and effort, a relationship can throw everything off. If it does not work out, it may result in depression or trigger a relapse. It may also be toxic if people have not had enough time working on themselves to heal from the reasons they used drugs in the first place. If a relationship happens, it helps to have some tips on how to behave so it does not derail the recovery.

Keep Distance

Stay away from the person for a time. Don’t see them unless necessary and don’t try to be friends. Keep a safe space between you and them because the focus needs to be on things of sobriety, not a relationship at the moment. After a breakup, things are tender and take time to heal so give it the space it deserves. 

Seek Meetings

Be sure to go out and find some meetings that don’t have your ex-spouse there. Meetings should be about being in recovery, focused on sobriety, and not a time to focus on the person across the room. Think about finding some new meetings for a while and putting some space between the two of you.


Breakups are difficult and hard. There is no reason to mince words. If you feel hurt, angry, sad, or depressed, you have the right to those feelings. You don’t have to silence these feelings. Talk to your therapist and your sponsor. Work through your feelings in a place that is safe with 

Focus on Recovery

Offering some space post-breakup is important for recovery. This means thinking hard about how you lose traction in your recovery plan and what areas you need to focus on to get the best result. It helps to work with a substance abuse treatment professional. While keeping an open mind, it may be that your therapist suggests doing things you may not like, but are necessary to healing. The biggest barrier to success in recovery if your own desire and willingness to succeed. If you are willing to give up some things now, you can have immense riches in the form of recovery later. It just means focusing more on what you want now than what you had back then or what you thought you deserved. You are here now, so focus on that and try to make the most of it with help from professionals who are willing to support your journey. 

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