If Your Adult Child is Abusing Drugs, Here Are Some Quick Things to Consider

If Your Adult Child is Abusing Drugs, Here Are Some Quick Things to Consider

When parents watch kids struggle, they want to jump in and help. They want to support them in taking back their lives. In order to help a child who has gone off the trail, it is important to know how to support them without judging or shaming. If an adult child uses drugs, they are making a choice, but at some point, addiction takes over and they no longer have a choice. Their body and mind crave the drugs. They need expert support to quit for good, along with support for their journey of healing. 

Compassionate Support

When communicating with a loved one, addiction is difficult to bring up. Getting the tone and words right should be of utmost importance so as not to shame or judge. Be sure to state concerns. The best way to do this is compassionate, with support, and a loving word to them. It means holding space for them to express emotion and not be flustered by it and love them no matter what.

Boundaries Matter

The most effective way to set boundaries is to help them understand the consequences of their actions. This does not mean a person cannot help their child, but they don’t offer to enable them by giving money that may go to drugs. Enabling behaviors is bailing them out and ignoring the fact they have a problem.

Plant Seeds

You may not be able to get the child to notice what is going on right here and now but you can plant little seeds of faith and hope. Addressing the child’s addiction can be difficult when a loved one does not believe they have a problem. By letting them know you are there to help them, you let it be known they should come to you when they feel open to recovery. You can let them know you love them and expect them to do things in their best interest but they may not be ready yet to commit. 

Addiction Care

Finding care for a loved one is very important. It means finding support for them to journey towards healing. A barren pot cannot fill an empty cup and the same goes for helping someone who is deeply loved. Ensure there is care being taken to offer them the best options, seek intervention, and professional support. Don’t let them continue their path unless they are set against seeking help. Seek professionals who may be able to help talk to them and offer another way out.

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