If You’re Looking for Work in Recovery, Try These 3 Tips to Get Started

If You’re Looking for Work in Recovery, Try These 3 Tips to Get Started

Going home after finishing rehab can feel exhilarating (and nerve-wracking). So many things have changed, and yet, so many things are still the same. Feeling like a new person in old skin can be challenging at times. With recovery, there are some things people can do to get started with that to-do list, including seeking a job. Try these three tips to get started.

Rethink Strategy

On the other side of addiction, there are many things to consider. While completing rehab is a great accomplishment, the transition back into the workforce is never easy. With this in the rearview, there may be lingering legal issues or other things to sort out that complicate employment. Many employers want to know about the past history of drug and alcohol abuse. This requires a new strategy to think about what post-rehab employment will look like. Start with talking to a counselor who understands the needs of people who have an addiction and are in recovery. They may also be able to help avoid the issues that triggered relapse in the first place. A counselor can teach tips to work through feelings in a positive way and rethink how to help make it a good experience. 

Sell Yourself

Recovery is about staying clean and sober, but most of all, it means staying away from substances to better support oneself. Take time to look over your resume and think about skills that are needed. Skills-based resumes work better if there are gaps in the resume which don’t need to be listed in chronological order. 

Watch for Triggers

Some jobs are triggering for people in recovery. It depends on the situation and job, but some industries have a lot of exposure to alcohol, including hospitality work in restaurants. Bars, pubs, and places with lots of alcohol (or people drinking) may not be a healthy work environment and might trigger a relapse. The temptation is too much to deal with for most people, especially early on. Try to avoid those types of jobs and work with a job coach who can work with building skills in another area, including a return to school. This may also include looking for places to work that utilize past skills but don’t put the recovery at risk. 

Finding work in recovery is hard but not impossible. It takes diligence, focus, and hope to continue seeking job opportunities that will best support a substance-free lifestyle. Working with recovery coaches and people who understand your needs will be most supportive in moving forward with finding gainful employment that sticks.

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