Is it wise to go through treatment more than once?

For many, rehab is an experience like no other. They enter a treatment facility broken, battered shells of themselves, ravaged by the disease that is addiction, and with very little hope for a bright future. A few months later, they emerge afresh, with a new lease on life and a new attitude, ready to conquer anything anyone throws their way.
For some, however, the journey to recovery involves a few more detours. These individuals may have suffered a relapse, or a temporary setback that discouraged them from continuing down their path to sobriety. The next step for them is not always so clear. Should they re-enter rehab, or should they cut their losses and resign themselves to the fact that there is no hope for them?
Without question, going through treatment again is the best choice! Addiction recovery works differently for everyone. Some individuals may thrive in the group-like meeting settings, while other may prefer a more intimate, one on session with a therapist. Some may enjoy the collaboration that is encouraged between peers, while others may be quite content with their own thoughts. Because of the many variations within that make us all unique, it is safe to say that particular treatment methods also may not work for everyone. Those that have relapsed may need more TLC in one particular area, as compared to another, or there may have been too much focus in one area, and not enough in another.
This is not to say that most recovery centers are not incredibly proficient and good at what they do. (They very much are.) Some individuals, however, may need another go at the process to cement what they learned originally. Going back after a relapse or a slip gives them just that, and allows them to come out of the process the second time much stronger and more confident in their sobriety than they ever were previously.
If you are not sure whether or not you should return to therapy after relapsing, consider the circumstances of the relapse. If it was a one-time slip, triggered by something you weren’t aware of, it pays to go back, reassess what happened, and determine if there are changes you can make to ensure it never happens again. For a relapse that lasted longer, or became habitual again, going back to the drawing board in a recovery center is certainly the best option!