Is Professional Help Necessary for Recovery?

The short answer is a resounding yes.
Research indicates that the detoxification process can be one of the most difficult and testing periods of an individual’s life. In this process, an individual effectively forces themselves to enter into a stage of intense withdrawal and allow their bodies to purge themselves of a substance that has wreaked havoc on their brain and its faculties. Needless to say, it takes more than steely resolve and great nerve to get this done.
Recovering with the aid of medical professionals at a facility with the tools to monitor you and your well-being is the safest bet for those looking to completely rid themselves of a substance in a way that doesn’t spell danger.
 Addiction recovery specialists will ensure you maintain the rigorous and important nutrition requirements for a process like this, while also ensuring that you remain hydrated and stable. Additionally, the services of a medical facility also provides ample opportunity for you to recover in serene environments with good, healthy food, stimulating activities, and a host of additional luxuries that makes the recovery process as easy as possible. You simply wouldn’t get these things if you attempted to do something like this on your own.
Another reason professional help is so necessary for recovery is because addiction affects people in so many different ways. It is hard to rely on a self-help book, assistance from family and friends, or even guidance from a successfully recovered person if they do not have the training to identify your particular situation and make adjustments to allow you to have the most efficient recovery process. Done your own way, full recovery can often be a toss-up, and research indicates that the odds are usually not in your favor.
Professionals, on the other hand, have made a career out of studying a number of different cases, and can even call in a consult from clinicians and physicians to help them diagnose your particular issues. With these resources available at professional recovery centers, your chances at a successful recovery are tremendously higher.
Professional treatment should never be looked at as a chore or a bother for an individual that is serious about his or her recovery. Studies show that the high rate of success recovery centers typically experience can be almost directly attributed to their robust knowledge of particular drugs, their effects, and how to to treat them. In short, these centers take your recovery very seriously, and can and will be a huge help to you in your journey.