Is There Fun in Sobriety Without Drugs and Alcohol?

You’ve worked hard to achieve sobriety. Now it’s time to have some fun without alcohol or drugs. How do you get your work done and have a few laughs at work? Answer: Grab your coworkers and break out the Trivial Pursuit.  
When you think of work, you don’t tend to think about fun, laughter and silliness. However, today’s workplace cultures have changed. Employers know that happy employees lead to happy customers and increased profits.

Benefits of Fun

Laughing and fun have proven benefits that include stress reduction, low blood pressure and better cardiac health. It also promotes a sense of peace and well-being.
When you were receiving treatment for your alcohol and drug addiction, you followed a regimented routine. Fun is important also.
When you are at home, take the time to hang out with friends that support your sobriety. Listen to music, ride a bike, walk your dog, play with a child, join a local group or get a manicure/pedicure.

Fun at Work

In the book Supervision Matters, Rita Sever, devotes an entire chapter about taking five minutes to play with your coworkers. Consider these tips.

  • Watch a funny You Tube video
  • Work on a crossword puzzle
  • Share baked goods with others
  • Tell a joke
  • Have a contest
  • Start a book club
  • Create a company song
  • Throw a Friday office party
  • Share your love of trains with others
  • Give someone a heartfelt note
  • Toss a ball at your desk
  • Play Solitaire on your cell

The possibilities of fun at work are endless. Use your imagination and get input from others.

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