Is Treating Adjustment Disorders Key to Long-Lasting Recovery? 

Is Treating Adjustment Disorders Key to Long-Lasting Recovery? 

An adjustment disorder is not what it sounds like. In fact, it is mostly about how a person copes with what is going on around them. They may have a diagnosable condition which causes what seems like abnormal behavior. This may be paired as a co-occurring (dual diagnosis) disorder along with substance abuse. People who experience both often start with the adjustment disorder and begin using substances to quell the symptoms. Sometimes, the reverse order occurs, but a person will likely need professional treatment to support their healing journey. 

Drug Use and Adjustment Disorders

Opioids, benzos, alcohol, and sleep aids are addictive drugs. These are ones that people with adjustment disorders use because they help them navigate anxiety, depression, or sleep problems. Dependence grows when they begin using the drugs too much and don’t realize tolerance has built up in their bodies. This may add more stress to their life and worsen symptoms. Some common adjustment disorders may include:

  • Alcohol use: when people use alcohol with an adjustment disorder, they usually do it to lower anxiety. Drinking helps them feel more social and able to handle what is happening around them. Alcohol abuse can create serious issues for people with mental health conditions, particularly if they use medication. Depression and anxiety may worsen while drinking. In the long-term, adjustment disorder symptoms may be made worse while under the influence
  • Marijuana: smoking weed may provide some relief and calming effects, but it also disconnects a person from their thoughts and feelings over time. They  may experience physical dissociation or an out-of-body experience, as well as cause severe episodes of panic and anxiety while using marijuana
  • Prescription medication: using antidepressants, sedatives, or sleep aids can depress the central nervous system. Often, people drink and use pills, which can have a detrimental effect on the body which cant handle all this at once

Treatment Options

Treatment options are available for people with adjustment disorders that struggle with substance abuse. Treatments combine group and individual therapy. They help a person heal from pain while also learning how to control cravings and avoid triggers to use substances. When struggling, they need help to move past this point of using drugs to cope with their mood and behavior. It is difficult to do on their own, so professional help is often recommended, along with therapeutic support by treatment specialists who can provide care for the whole person and look at their situation with an open mind as to how best to treat them. 

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