Is Vaping Marijuana Addictive?

Is Vaping Marijuana Addictive?

 People are talking about vaping now more than ever, especially with state jumping on board to legalize marijuana. Drug delivery services have changed with medical marijuana use, including the use of vape pens. Public smoking laws have provided ways to incentivize marijuana products people can smoke and even eat. There may be unseen consequences of vaping marijuana people have not yet considered. Learn more about what that might entail.

Marijuana Vaping

With all the different ways people can ingest marijuana, including edibles, a liquid form, and even desserts, there are more ways than ever to deliver THC to a person’s brain and body. Getting addicted to marijuana has never been easier, it seems. Recreational use can lead to addiction over time. Even though people use medical marijuana for their ailments, there is evidence to suggest vaping over time can create dependence.

Harmful or Helpful?

There is a relationship that exists between the perception of harm and the prevalence of marijuana use. Cannabis use via vape pen is associated with lower perceived risks. There are no real safe delivery methods of this drug for people who are susceptible to addiction, with the previous history of addiction, or are concerned about the consequences to their health. Vaping cannabis delivers high amounts of THC, as well as cannabidiol (CBD), which is nonpsychoactive. Vaping pen use has increased for ages teens on through to adults. It has become the norm to see young adults vaping regular tobacco, which may be just another gateway to marijuana vaping in places where it becomes legal.

Why it Matters

The inhalation of marijuana through a vape pen may seem innocent, but it can have health consequences for people who take in the drug. Concentrations get into the brain quickly and in much higher concentrations when inhaled. This makes a person experience compulsive, addictive use, even if that was not the original intent. When drug concentrations are higher, there is more likely than ever for there to be a risk of dependence or addiction. The safety of people cannot be verified because the consumption of higher potency drugs impacts people differently. Perceived risk and expectations also vary along with education, prevention, and clinical uses. People who at risk of developing an addiction may need to practice precautions when it comes to drug use of any kind, especially marijuana. Vape pens are not as innocent as they seem since they are marketed to a younger and more diverse audience than ever. 

There is hope for healing from addiction to vaping, marijuana, or tobacco. The best thing to do if vaping has become a challenge is to seek help for addiction with trained therapists who understand your needs.

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