Isn’t it Time to Give Grain Bowls a Try?

Grain bowls are all the rage right now, even being called “Buddha bowls,” which sounds quite enlightened, as much as grain and protein can be. Filled with whole grains including quinoa, or wild rice and tossed with a mix of corn, greens, veggies, and other healthy foods, a grain bowl is power-packed for nutrition to start or get you through the day.

Why Bowls Rock

Bowl meals are taking over for the healthiest fad to put on your daily menu because they are filling and include a mixture of flavors and textures. The ingredients tend to be what people think of as ‘power’ or ‘super’ foods. The trend started with fast casual restaurants promoting healthy foods like Chipotle bowls that serve as a meal. Grain bowls started to pop up as restaurants and stores have taken notice about all the available options, noted mainly for being healthy and tasty.

Nutrition Packed Meals

Many bowls, even in the frozen section, pack a punch with regards to nutrition content. Less sodium and sugar means you can take advantage of this new fad and not feel as guilty about it. What’s better is that power packed bowls are not replacing flavor at the expense of healthy ingredients. Spices can add a freshness that people crave and in many, veggies take front and center stage with greens accompanying them.

Give Bowls a Try

One of the biggest reason to give bowls a try is that they are easy to prep and last for several days. If you want a healthy, nutritious meal on the go, you will be in luck with this new trend. For people who like calorie-dense foods, it’s pretty easy to get a bowl with 700 calories or more which can be a great meal if you are busy and need something tasty that can get you through most any day.
The other reason to give bowls a try is that they help replace nutrients you might otherwise be missing. If you are in recovery from addiction, you are likely missing out on all kinds of nutrients in your body. Not only that, but when your body feels better, your mind and spirit will follow by feeling more aligned with your new, healthy body. Although it is not a cure all, it is definitely a boost to have healthier, nutrient dense foods in your meal plan each week. Rather than go out to eat and spend money at fast casual restaurants to get your bowl fix, why not give it a try at home by prepping some veggies, greens and protein. It just might be the best decision you ever make for your health and will help you start the new year off on a good foot.

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