It’s Psychological: How You Could Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Drugs– like guns, gambling, and other vices– are inanimate objects or concepts that, in and of themselves, can do no damage.
However, we as human beings are quite the opposite. We are quite capable of doing horrible and irreversible damage on our own– and we often use inanimate objects like drugs to do so.
Studies indicate that an addict’s journey most often begins out of curiosity, and the first sample of a substance usually involves a very small quantity. Unfortunately, a puff of marijuana or a sip of a beer can be just as deadly as it is innocuous.
Our brains are designed to seek pleasure and avoid guilt and dissatisfaction– so it should come as no surprise to us that most illicit substances are pleasurable and make us feel a lot “better” than normal. This is when, psychologically, a habit is formed, and the seeds of addiction are planted.
In consuming drugs, the early addict and the recreational user both consistently make the choice to pursue that feel-good feeling at the expense of their bodies, their families, and their minds. While it initially seems harmless, this choice can and often does lead users to continue chasing newer, elevated versions of that high until they entirely succumb to whatever effects they were looking for later on.
A key point to remember is that drugs, as a whole, actually save more lives than they destroy– when used as intended and prescribed by a doctor. With the drug itself not a viable option for a scapegoat, the burden of addiction, then, lies on the user.
The good news is that with help, the user can also entirely kick the habit, because they alone have control of it.
It isn’t wrong to say that once the brain is hooked, it’s almost impossible to go “cold turkey” and completely wean yourself off of a substance. So with the knowledge that the power of both addiction and recovery is entirely in your hands, it’s important to remember that a trusted and professional third party is always vital and necessary to helping you accomplish the proper steps.
Yes, when it comes to drug use and addiction, the user can be his or her worst enemy. However, with proper coaching and a willingness to change, he/she can also make the decision to kick the habit for good… and actually do it.
The power rests entirely in his or her hands!