Kindling Can Be Dangerous: Here’s Why

Kindling Can Be Dangerous: Here’s Why

Drinking can easily get out of control. During treatment, withdrawal can be painful. Even when it eases, something called kindling can happen which might take people by surprise. Detox and withdrawal in rapid succession can have detrimental effects for people in recovery. Learn more about the effects of kindling and how to prevent it from happening.


Kindling is, in effect, when a person experiences detox and withdrawal repeatedly. The symptoms get more severe each time. The cycle of drinking and abstaining has a detrimental effect on the body. Chemistry provides ‘kindling’ for symptoms, making them grow and become more intense, like a fire. Withdrawal experiences can be minimal compared to other people’s experiences but, after several attempts, the body will react more harshly over time.

How it Works

Essentially, when a person drinks, the alcohol impacts the central nervous system. It acts as a depressant. The brain chemical, GABA, slows down the brain. When alcohol leaves the system, GABA effects cease. The brain compensates for the absence of excessive excitability. The brain ‘speeds up.’ This effect is manifested in alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Kindling in Recovery

The discomfort a person experiences is amplified, making it harder to resist another relapse. The potential for kindling makes effective treatment more important. Programs need to get it right the first time because a person can attempt recovery, which can result in kindling, which can make each attempt more challenging. Kindling also makes it more necessary to have medical supervision for alcohol detox. Medical professionals must carefully monitor the patient and reduce symptoms.

Seeking Help

If you are struggling with symptoms of addiction and need a safe space to recover, it is essential to look into programs that meet your criteria and find one that will best support your needs. No program is perfect and sometimes it takes many attempts to break the cycle. The hardest part of addiction is knowing you cannot just quit when you want. You can quit when you are ready to admit the need for help and are ready to fully give yourself over to the idea of being in recovery the rest of your life. Finding community and family support will also help you navigate the journey in a healthier way.

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