Laughter Therapy Can Help You Heal: 3 Tips to Get Started

Laughter Therapy Can Help You Heal: 3 Tips to Get Started

Negativity and painful experiences can drain a person’s joy for life. There is nothing that compares to the healing properties of laughter. The more a person has a sense of humor, the easier it is to face the challenges of life and overcome adversity. Laughing is one way to combat negative experiences and feelings in life. Learn some tips to get started if you need to laugh a little more in recovery.

Feel-Good Emotion

Laughter is a feel-good emotion. It is cathartic and reassuring to feel joy in the small, and big moments in life. When people laugh, they usually make light of something. In the darkest of times, they can feel like everything is going to be okay if they can laugh about it. Even hospitals and dementia wards see benefits for people who seek help there due to laughter therapy. A person does not need someone trained to understand that laughter is the best medicine.

Immunity Booster

Medical research has been conducted which shows people who laugh often find a greater immunity to fight off viruses. Laughter can boost a person’s healing processes and increase positive frequency. The next time a person feels bad, bring a little laughter to their day by telling jokes or sharing something funny. By laughing back to good health, a person may finally start to feel a little lighter, even if their situation has not changed. Having a positive frequency can support a person’s immune system like nothing else can.


When a person feels a lot of stress, they often need a release. Addiction is often the trigger to release stress in a person’s life, unless they know about laughter therapy. The key is to take time out to do something that brings joy and makes a person laugh at life. Life is pretty difficult in general, but people who struggle with addiction, often deal with added stress. Laughter can help mitigate the challenges, bring some light into the darkness, and help people laugh at the world a little bit.

Deciding to live in laughter is important for people in recovery. Trying to get through difficult circumstances in life is easier if people can see on the bright side and find healing and hope through smiles and laughter.

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