Learn 3 Ways to Release the Grip of Shame On Your Recovery Journey

Learn 3 Ways to Release the Grip of Shame On Your Recovery Journey

Guilt and shame go hand-in-hand. When we take time to look at them, we see how closely aligned they are in a person’s heart and mind through life experience. Shame is all about thinking the person is bad because they drink, do drugs, or behave a certain way. Unfortunately, shame can get in the way of a person’s recovery before they even realize it has happened. Learn more about the ways shame takes hold of people and how to release its hold on the recovery journey.

Risk of Relapse

There are many risk factors for people in recovery but one big one is shame. Shame can increase the risk and chance of relapse and associated health problems. It does more harm than good to people who are trying to run away from their problems. In recovery, people can redeem their challenging circumstances by being aware of how they feel and letting go of their fear. While shame may keep some people locked into a certain pattern in life, there is hope to finally let go and move on.


Shame and resentment are partners in crime. Unfortunately, people who live out their stories with shame also harbor resentment towards themselves and others. They keep a person locked into a mentality that everybody else is to blame and they are not able to forgive themselves. To be able to move forward in recovery, a person needs to release resentment and find hope on the other side of addiction.


Fear and shame are about control. They will wrestle a person to the ground in an attempt to keep them locked in so they don’t move ahead. Shame can have control over a person but it takes so much energy to be positive in recovery it can feel draining. Releasing the need to control outcomes, to control how a person feels, can help a person heal.

Letting go is never easy, especially in recovery. Long-held habits can keep popping up, but it is important to stay connected in community with friends, family, therapists, and support groups that help honor the commitment to sobriety and recovery. This will help a person let go of all that shame, fear, and negative attitudes that keep a person from being successful in recovery.


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