Learn How to Walk Through Recovery Obstacles with These Tips 

Learn How to Walk Through Recovery Obstacles with These Tips 

Sobriety is a challenge for people because it is not a rote formula. There is no one way to live sober or stay clean. Many pathways exist, including learning how to walk through the obstacles that come up in recovery and staying as far away from relapse as possible. Having the right tools can help people feel more connected to their recovery goals which help them when things get rough.

Stay Open

Lasting sobriety is about remaining open to the possibilities. People with addiction often struggle with their thoughts and feelings in sobriety. Negative thoughts can take you down a bad road in recovery. An open mind is important for the journey of recovery. Remaining open means listening well to others, listening to yourself, and most of all, listening to your body as it will tell you how you are feeling and what you should be doing in recovery. Friends and family may tell you what to do but it’s up to you to remain open to learning and growing as much as you can.


People with addiction can spiral down when they stop communicating with others. They cover their emotions with substances and remove the most meaningful relationships they have. Isolation can lead to relapse very easily and quickly.  Almost all relapses come from a place of emotion and being triggered. People with addiction do not have the skills but they cannot self-medicate and must learn how to tell others how they feel, what they feel, and learn to cope in a different way to get past what is hard in recovery. 


You have to want to stay in recovery more than anybody else wants you to do recovery well. If you are struggling, you need to reach out and let people know you need help. That is very hard to do when you think you can do it all or know it all. Letting go of what you think you should do and accepting what you know is right is key to doing the best for yourself. If you let go of old friendships, that is important. Every day you should focus on recovery and it will get easier but it is a lifetime journey of learning. 

Healing from addiction is never meant to be easy but it is meant to be a learning experience and a growth opportunity. Walking through obstacles in life is stressful and difficult but it is manageable with the help of loved ones and people in recovery who can support your journey. 

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