Learn More About the Dangers of ‘Counterfeit Alcohol’  

Learn More About the Dangers of ‘Counterfeit Alcohol’  

There have been many people recently in the headlines who were noted as passing away suddenly, ‘without explanation,’ in the Dominican Republic. There have been almost 10 people the FBI is investigating as to why they died sudden deaths in their hotel suites. One of those reasons they are exploring deals with counterfeit alcohol. This may be new to some people, but adulterated or counterfeit alcohol is nothing new. Adulterated alcohol includes ingredients not monitored for safety, including methanol, known to be extremely harmful to people’s health, even lethal. Find out more about why counterfeit alcohol is made and how to help a loved one who may be using or abusing alcohol, including adulterated alcohol.

Adulterated (and Illegal)

Americans are not as susceptible to illegal alcohol that has been adulterated. It is possible to make or encounter it, but other parts of the world have it, which is a growing health concern. Counterfeit or illegal alcohol is not monitored. Nearly a fourth of the world’s alcohol that is consumed is unrecorded. Counterfeit alcohol is typically legitimate alcohol (wine and spirits) but it is made with a less rigorous process with added ingredients to make the alcohol cheaper. Producers make it by:

  • Distilling alcohol quickly using shortcuts
  • Adding water or methanol
  • Use chemicals to strengthen the high 
  • Increasing potency of alcohol content which makes it lethal for people who drink it

Any alcohol that is adulterated with harmful ingredients is going to have a negative impact on a person’s body or mind. It may be spiked without people’s knowledge (as is suspected happened in the Dominican Republic). This type of alcohol is consumed by those with less money and are vulnerable to seeking cheap alcohol. It is also consumed by those who unwittingly purchase it without realizing it has been adulterated.

Staying Safe

There is a huge epidemic in China of adulterated wine, which is becoming so common that authorities are keeping an eye on imports to be sure it is not coming into the United States. Some alcohol in Ukraine was seized and found to be counterfeit. Travel advisories suggest people who go abroad for trips be careful about what they are drinking. People who are in recovery and going on sober trips may travel with companions who drink alcohol. It is important to know the risks and dangers. Drinking while abroad is not always safe when a person cannot predict the content. Counterfeit or toxic alcohol is common in many places in the world. It helps to adhere to some simple rules when drinking anything. Don’t buy from unknown sources, don’t buy local brews, and always follow intuition if something does not feel right. For those who struggle with addiction, they may seek out cheaper forms of alcohol and fall prey to buying alcohol that is adulterated, putting them at risk. It is worth considering whether drinking alcohol is worthwhile or not. The key is to consider seeking help if alcohol consumption is problematic and finding help for dependence issues through appropriate programs and treatment centers that focus on rehab for people with alcohol use disorder.

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