Let’s Talk About Safeguarding Executives Against Addiction

Businesses generally have plans in place for crisis situations but that does not protect from every possible thing that may happen. Employment Assistance Programs can provide employees space to deal with personal matters, typically psychological issues, including depression. Creating an intervention plan to help safeguard employees, including executives, against addiction can be very helpful.

Addiction at Work

Very few companies have a plan to provide effective addiction recovery services to employees. Early addiction and intervention programs may prevent a person from using but does not treat those who become addicted. High achievers are more likely to become addicted due to their personalities: driven, successful, creative. They are wired a bit differently than other people and their level of dedication to work can land them in the “C-suite” or management positions in office where they are faced with important, executive decisions. Highly educated and highly functioning, these executives are often on the rise in the C-suite and on the path to addictive behaviors.

Why it Happens

Addiction is prevalent for executives because there is little down time. Stress is great in some ways but an abundance of it can lead to health complications down the road. Exercise, meditation, and time with family help reduce stress and prolong life expectancy but high-powered achievers are usually susceptible to addiction because these are highest in their lives. C-suite executive employees are usually more engaged in company marketing events which are out of town or late at night which take them away from family and friends (and around alcohol or drugs). This disruptful pattern can keep executives from having stability and work-life balance which may trigger unhealthy coping strategies.

Shifting Priorities

A shift in priorities is needed to break addiction stigma in the workplace. One way to safeguard executives against addiction is to alter the way workplaces manage the workload for their employees. It is in the company’s best interests to make sure their employees are taken care of and feeling healthy. One way to break stigma of addiction is to understand addiction is not a moral or character flaw. Companies that develop an addiction treatment plan can support employees in getting necessary help that is cost-effective and prevents harm to the company and staff. The more support an executive receives, the better he or she will be at what they do for the company: a win-win scenario for everyone.

Oceanfront understands your needs as an executive. That is why we formed our executive treatment program with you in mind. We customize the program to fit your needs to achieve a balance in recovery and at work. If you are struggling with addiction and want to get better, we are here to help you heal. Call us to find out about our addiction recovery program for c-suite executives in Laguna Beach: 877-279-1777