Neurotransmitters and the Brain: Why they Matter for Recovery

Neurotransmitters and the Brain: Why they Matter for Recovery

Heroin and other drugs do not directly cause a high for people. It is the effect of these substances on neurotransmitters that cause feelings of pleasure or euphoria. The chemical substances the body uses to send signals and get things done suddenly are lighting up in the brain. Manipulating these is dangerous. It is essential to developing an understanding of what happens in the brains of people who use drugs and how to help them in recovery.

Nerve Cells

Nerve cells work in the body to communicate signals. When it receives a signal from drugs, it responds by releasing a neurotransmitter. Nearly all drugs work by enhancing or interfering with the natural processes of neurotransmitters. This results in feeling good while using drugs. Some drugs cause interruptions in the processing of different neurotransmitters. 


This drug plays a huge role in addiction. Meth, opiates, or cocaine, dopamine is responsible for all of them for the ‘reward’ processes in the brain. When stimulated, they lead to powerful drug addictions. 


Endorphins act as neurotransmitters for opiate-based drugs, including Oxycontin and Fentanyl. Some think opiates may be the most powerful drugs known, mostly because of their impact on the brain and body. 


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with drugs like MDMA, ecstasy, LSD, or mushrooms. These hallucinogenic drugs impact sexual desire and sleep patterns. Disuprtions of normal functioning occur because of the shifts with serotonin.


Associated with drugs known as ‘speed,’ this famous drug interferes with normal functioning and impacts sensory processing. This may cause anxiety, amont other things.

Drugs like sedatives and tranquilizers stimulate and interfere with processes related to GABA function. This neurotransmitter can have dangerous effects due to sedative action and may have dangerous effects due to sedative action. It is important to understand how drugs impact the brain’s natural chemical messaging, relay, and action system. This interferes with this system and leads to chronic problems related to addiction. The changes can shift how a person behaves and thinks or perceives reality. If it is time to take back control, connect with a therapeutic rehab that focuses on healing addiction from the inside out. This will be important for any kind of recovery to take place.

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