New Medications Can Help Your Treatment from Addiction

New Medications Can Help Your Treatment from Addiction

There are many ways to cope with addiction. One treatment method is gaining in popularity. Researchers continue to make advances in addiction medications. Some treatment philosophies insist on recovering from addiction with no medication use at all. The ability to use medication can help people cope and give them hope as they struggle with the disease of addiction. Find out what new medications are out there to help with treatment.

Alcoholism and Medication

A drug called Acamprosate for alcoholism is one drug that is being used. It is not the first drug developed for people with alcoholism. It is the most recent and holds high promise. This drug acts on the brain and is thought to restore balance to the chemicals that have been altered by addiction. This restoration makes the brain function as normal, which helps people with addiction resist the urge to relapse and start drinking. Other medications also work to help people in recovery from addiction. Disulfiram causes an unpleasant reaction when combined with alcohol. The person in recovery takes medication each day, knowing a sip of alcohol can make them really sick. This only works if they use the medication as prescribed.

Treating Opioid Addiction

Treating opioid addiction, painkillers, heroin and other similar issues is difficult because it alters the brain chemistry of the person struggling. Withdrawal symptoms are often unpleasant and painful. Methadone has been used for treatment but there are risks associated with treatment. Newer medications have been developed by researchers that are not as harmful for people in withdrawal. Buprenorphine has been used to help people detox from opioids. Naloxone is also helping people resist relapses by blocking the euphoric effects of opioids. Without the high, there is no point to abusing the drugs. However, this is only effective for some people with some types of addiction.

There really is no cure for addiction. People in recovery may or may not use medication to assist in their treatment, but real results come from professional counselors or therapists who help dig up the underlying causes behind addiction. Using medications can be helpful. With treatment, people with addiction expect to heal and recover to the best of their abilities. It is possible to live a better life in recovery than when you are addicted, but it will take time, and trial and error, to find what works and create a routine that supports recovery.

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