No More Excuses: How to Admit the Need for Help with Addiction

No More Excuses: How to Admit the Need for Help with Addiction

Everyone makes excuses from time to time. It is hard to get motivated to do things you know need doing. When it comes to getting help for addiction, the same idea applies. Excuses keep you stuck in the old way of thinking that you are not in trouble, no harm is being done, or that you can keep going the way you are going and nothing will hurt you. When reality hits at some point, you begin to realize you are just making excuses and need help, but are not sure how to start. Find out why it is so hard to ask for help and how you can put pride aside to admit a problem exists so you can be on the road to healing from addiction.

Freedom from Addiction

Recovery is always a good idea, at least that’s what people say on the other side of it. Those who are in it may struggle to come to this conclusion unless they feel what they are doing is hurting themselves or others. It is difficult to arrive at this conclusion in the midst of addiction. When the way you are living steals everything you have, even your ability to ask for help, it can seem hopeless. Delaying treatment or entering recovery from addiction only pushes you further away from loved ones and continues the spiral downward. Freedom from addiction starts with admitting a problem exists and seeking the help you need to move forward.

Not Ready (Yet)

It may feel like time is all you have for awhile. When you are in active addiction, you may be thinking you are working, going out with friends, raising a family, starting a business, and living life each day. All the while, in the background, you are hiding addiction from loved ones and struggling to keep this private side of you from coming to light. There are many reasons why people put off going to rehab or admitting they have a problem. Putting off recovery is complex but here are a few:

  • No time: nobody has time for addiction recovery programs. At least, that can become the mindset if you are not sure what you want to do. When you know you need surgery, you do it because it’s necessary. Addiction is life-threatening and recovery matters, regardless of what time it is. It is always time to do what is right for you and your loved ones and seek help
  • Cost: everything costs money, there is no getting around this fact. The idea that it is too expensive to go to rehab is one that can keep people from moving forward if they let it. It is worth pursuing the question of how to pay for rehab with family and friends while looking into insurance coverage and scholarships. Anything that is worth doing is worth asking how and finding a way
  • Work comes first: depending on the type of job a person works, they may not be able to take time off to go to rehab. At least, this is the mindset. When work is a priority over health, you may need to take a break so you can get a perspective on the situation. It may be that work is also causing stress or struggle that is locking you into a place you feel you cannot ask for help. There are flexible options to pursue including outpatient and flex programs. More companies are able to accommodate your needs, all you have to do is ask

Don’t Wait

The time is always now to seek help for addiction. Recovery may seem like a huge, daunting thing but it does not have to be that way. Fear or anxiety of what to expect can keep you from doing pretty much anything in life, including not seeking help for addiction. Finding freedom from addiction starts with not waiting to ask for what is healthy for you and will help you find hope in recovery.

Oceanfront understands the need to seek help for your addiction can be scary, which is why we are here to help you navigate the ups and downs. If you are ready to start the journey, we will support you with programs and resources designed to help you navigate addiction recovery. We are located in beautiful Laguna Beach. Call us to find out how we can help you navigate addiction recovery: 888-981-4295