Overcoming Self-Consciousness in Recovery

Everyone is concerned with their appearance. In active addiction, we are often unable to see the damage we have caused to our looks. It can be quite a blow to finally see ourselves the way that others have seen us. The natural progression of sobriety usually repairs the harm we have done to our appearance. However, being overly concerned with the way we look can cause us to fall into a cycle of negativity, self-consciousness, and self-pity that can become a threat to our sobriety.
There is no denying it—we look rough when we enter into treatment. The physical effects of drugs and alcohol have taken a toll on our bodies. Recovery, however, is about spiritual growth. Through this growing process, we begin to develop self-confidence, lose our fears, and no longer feel the need for external validation. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking steps to better our physical appearance. Exercise is a great way to heal our bodies from the damages cause by addiction. However, we must be wary not to allow ourselves to begin obsessing over how we look. The self-consciousness that drives our concerns about appearance is generally rooted in fear, low self-worth, and a skewed self-image. Our recovery program should be one that allows us to overcome these problems by fixing the problem internally, nullifying the need to attempt to fix ourselves externally. If we feel ugly or unwanted based on our appearance, we should recognize that these feelings are not the result of ourselves externally, but symptomatic of an inner problem that needs to be addressed. In the words of the infamous poet, philosopher, and artist, Kahlil Gibran, “beauty is life when life unveils her holy veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.”

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