What Are 4 Ways You Might Be Playing the Victim?

Human beings love to communicate: specifically, they love to talk. One of the biggest mistakes we can make as human beings is to spend a lot of time in conversation that is self-involved without really listening. You may nod your head but really you are just listening to that voice inside your head rather than hearing the other person. When we become so self-absorbed, it is easier to point out the other’s faults and play the victim. Maintaining a sense of optimism may feel scary but it is the best way to move past playing the victim to being the victor.

Justify Addiction

A huge way people justify addiction is to point fingers at others and lay blame. This ‘helpless’ victim role leads to complaining that takes over your life and leads to ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’ thinking which can really land you in hot water. Basically, it can lead to relapse down the road if you don’t nip it in the bud early.

Self Pity

When you carry on a mindset that focuses on self pity, you are throwing a party nobody wants to attend. The world may feel it is out to get you and luck feels like it has run out on you but really this is the way most people with addiction find fault with others and not themselves. Getting caught in your own head can be hard to see the product of your actions.


If you buy into the feeling you are powerless and have no control over your life, then you are playing victim. Plain and simple, the mindset of powerlessness can hold you down in the addiction mindset that got you using drugs and alcohol in the first place. The victim role takes for granted we will hand our power right over to addiction without calling it out for the insanity it really brings. Start lighting your own pilot light and take your power back from addiction.

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Your whole outlook has turned into anger and fear with hostility at the helm. Passive aggressive behavior is a sign of defensiveness, like you are not at fault for anything. You may be on guard against life and feel threatened by every little thing people say which only builds resentment for you and others trying to help.
Don’t buy into stinkin thinkin. Be your own person and start to take control of your life back from addiction. If you are feeling afraid or like you need extra support, reach out to your network or find a sober support person to lean on. It will help you regain focus and get on the right track.

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