Quitting “Cold Turkey” Rarely Works: Here’s Why

When an individual regularly consumes toxic substances like drugs and alcohol, he or she may consume with the impression that quitting will be as easy as starting was. In fact, several surveys indicate that individuals in these situations often deem themselves perfectly capable of quitting anytime they’d like. Their strategy is typically one that includes separating themselves from the toxic environment completely, by doing things like cutting off former friends, refusing to visit former haunts, and steering clear of any activities that could trigger relapse.
While the notion is admirable, researchers claim that attempting to quit toxic substances on your own can be highly dangerous— in large part because of the way the human nervous system reacts and adapts to dependency. In abruptly quitting these substances, the body can exhibit a range of reactions that span from normal withdrawal symptoms to life-threatening medical conditions like heart problems and seizures.
Additionally, successfully quitting for even a short period of time dramatically reduces the body’s tolerance for a substance. While this sounds good in theory, the issue here is that any future relapse in which you consume a “regular” amount of a drug can and often does quickly lead to an overdose.
Upon realizing the nasty symptoms that often come with a “cold turkey” attempt, many would-be recovering addicts fall back into the same habits to feel better, and resign themselves to believing that there is no help for them.
There is, however, always a solution. Quitting any sort of toxic substance requires the assistance of a certified physician or addiction recovery professional that can provide you with the resources to make the transition from dependency to freedom as comfortable as possible. Whether it’s medicine that lessens the severity of withdrawal symptoms or scheduled detox sessions in which trained staff can assist in providing you with the necessary nutrition and medications, it always pays to be in the care of an expert. Additionally, not all drugs (or combinations of drugs) produce the same withdrawal symptoms, and what works for one type of drug may very well not work for another. A trained team can make specific tweaks to your treatment plan to make sure you’re getting the help you need!
Under the watchful eye of a trained professional, recovery doesn’t have to be laborious, painful, or near-impossible. In fact, some programs even allow you to recover in the comfort of your own home, pending regular check-ins and observation sessions. Instead of going “cold turkey” yourself, enlist the help of a recovery expert today!