Rebuild Self-Esteem in Recovery with These Helpful Tips

The relationship between low self-esteem and addiction has been established for a very long time. People who use drugs, especially women, may have low self-esteem which can lead to behavioral addictions like eating disorders and compulsive buying. Alcohol or drugs may mask insecurities but they don’t help a person’s self-esteem get better.

Rebuilding Self-Esteem

When a person is in rehab for addiction, they may be contemplating doing the right thing for themselves but not know what exactly is going to happen. The best thing a person in rehab can do is lean into the recovery road. The benefits are great if a person can just be present for all that comes up in therapy, during quiet meditation times, and simple spaces to practice being a person who is anchored in recovery.

  • Write an affirmation. An affirmation is a positive statement to say to yourself while you are in recovery. Write an affirmation that reflects how you want to feel about yourself. Give it a month and say it out loud everyday to make it stick.
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes. People who struggle with addiction are often bombarded by feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem. Addiction can really impact judgment and impulse control. Don’t beat yourself up about what you did. It only increases the likelihood of relapse. Now is the time to acknowledge what you did and let go of self punishment.
  • Accept compliments. People with low self-esteem often miss chances to build self-esteem by acknowledging the kindness of others. Next time a person compliments you, resist the urge to suppress or deny it. Accept it, say thanks, and take it at face value.
  • Do something kind for yourself and others. One way of increasing appreciation that others share with you is to do kindness back towards others. Also, be kind to yourself in accepting love and gratitude that you deserve. Even if the other person does not express gratitude, bask in the feelings of having helped another person. You may want to volunteer to help others in recovery.
  • Make small changes. Small changes add up to big shifts later. Everyone has things they want to change in life. Break it down into smaller acts and choose to do noe per day or one per week, whichever you want to do. With each change, celebrate your success.

Getting self-esteem back is tough after feeling down for so long under the cover of addiction. When you are down, you don’t realize how much you are not feeling like who you are meant to be on the inside. Let gratitude get into your bones, begin to feel like you deserve goodness and kindness, and keep going to therapy and community groups. They will help you recognize that you are worthy of love, affection, and peace.

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