Recovery Takes Confidence: Try These 3 Tips to Get Started

Recovery Takes Confidence: Try These 3 Tips to Get Started

With sobriety and recovery, there is no one journey. Everyone will experience something different while they travel the path to healing from addiction. Some people feel confident while others lack self-esteem and struggle to pull themselves up. There are some ways to begin restoring lost confidence in recovery. Try thinking about these three things to help give yourself or a loved one a boost.

Damage Control

In the PR business, there is what is called ‘damage control.’ This basically means putting out fires started by clients or that have erupted from the flames of media and social media which threaten the livelihood of their clients and themselves. The basics of self-care following addiction are to start restoring self-respect, but also revisit relationships and begin the process of offering restoration and forgiveness. Seeking forgiveness, offering it back, and walking the journey of recovery in a way that helps you navigate life again. This may also mean adulting in real-time; paying bills, doing laundry, getting on your feet with a job. These are all important things that will help you build confidence and start you off on the right foot in recovery.

Get a Plan

If you are someone who was winging it through life, you are now in a new phase of life. Most people with addiction wing it because there is no other way to survive. Living day to day just seeking the next fix is difficult. The best way to start your life again is to make some plans and goals for yourself. Think about what you want to be doing. If your loved one is struggling, help them think about the people, places, and things they want to have in their lives. To reduce stress, be playful, have fun, and embrace life’s journey is healing.  There is nothing more scary to people than the prospect of waking up on the other side of relapse. This means having a solid plan in place to avoid situations that bring up cravings and triggers where you might not be able to keep yourself in recovery. Call on friends, family, and loved ones but also don’t forget to put a plan in writing and find someone to help you stay accountable.

Ask for Help

When people struggle with addiction, the last thing they want to do is have everyone else be in their business and know what is going on. The best thing to do in recovery is the opposite of that. Having people know your business is a good way to prevent relapse. Not everyone will be prepared to help. It is important to find professionals, therapists, to understand and be there for you. Counselors, mentors, professionals, companions who are sober and others on the journey will help pick up the pieces and begin the process of restoring confidence in who you are meant to be. When the feelings of failure appear to be too much, you can rest assured you are not alone and there are people ready to support you.

Fear of disappointment can keep some people locked into a trap with addiction. We are here to break that cycle, rebuild your confidence, and help you come back stronger. Our professional staff is ready to partner with you on everything from detox to rehab to build a toolbox that helps you navigate your new world in recovery. We are located in beautiful Laguna Beach. Call us to find out how we can help you navigate addiction recovery: 888-981-4295