Should I Avoid CBD Oil in Recovery?

Should I Avoid CBD Oil in Recovery?

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is all the rage right now. It is becoming more widely accepted in practice throughout the country and used as a substitute in many things, for various ailments. There are some studies that look at the benefits of CBD oil and its effectiveness for various things but questions remain about how well it might support a person in recovery from addiction, and whether it is a good idea to use or not.

How it Works

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive drug found in a plant. It is made by extracting resin from hemp stalks and diluting it with a carrier oil. Typically this is used for medicinal purposes but people are using it for all kinds of things now in the body. Cannabinoids have an impact on the endocannabinoid system in different ways. If the system is weak, cannabinoids help receptors function better. CBD helps cells connect with the central nervous system and organs to create more balance in the body and mind.

Not Marijuana

Even though it has similarities to some people, it is not marijuana. Marijuana is derived leaves, stems, and seeds of cannabis sativa. THC is typically present in both and impact mood, thinking, and appetite. Unlike THC, cannabinoids are not psychoactive. Their interaction with receptors does not change impressions, awareness, or judgment. CBD oil pulls from compounds found in cannabis without psychoactive chemicals that produce effects found with inhaling marijuana.

Addiction Recovery

Evidence is piling up that CBD oil may be helpful for those in recovery from addiction. Addiction is a disorder which impacts millions of people across the United States. Treatment is at an all-time high for users of opioids and other drugs. CBD is not addictive and non-psychoactive, but it can be harmful for people who are struggling with addiction. It may help regulate some things for them like sleeping patterns, physical sensations from withdrawal, and mood swings but it is not a panacea for addiction. Due to the association with marijuana, many people wonder if it is safe to use in recovery. There are side-effects and it may cause people to not feel as well while consuming the oil. Even while doctors are prescribing it, there is not as much known about it as should be considering how hard people have to work in recovery to heal from the experience of addiction. It may seem a natural supplement to a treatment program, but it is best to consult with the treating physician and seek support for understanding how it all works together for the betterment of your recovery before ingesting or taking in CBD oil and unwittingly throwing off your recovery.

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