Signs Your Habit is Spiraling out of Control

Drug use is an unfortunate epidemic that affects millions of Americans. Ranging from casual use to severe addiction, individuals from all walks of life suffer the dangerous effects of consuming toxic substances on a daily basis.
There are some, however, who very much believe that their drug habit is completely under control, and that there is no need to seek help. These individuals could be casual, recreational users that only consume when around friends, or severely addicted users that function highly enough to legitimately believe that there’s no need to stop. There are several ways to judge whether or not you or a loved one’s habit is spiraling dangerously out of control.
The following indicators will allow you to make an informed decision as to when you need to seek help.

  • You spend most of your free time around people that use drugs.

               This usually indicates that you have begun to devote your life to the habit.

  • You use even when you said you wouldn’t.

               This isn’t an accidental mistake. It’s the first step to showing that you aren’t in control.

  • You’re no longer interested in hobbies that you used to enjoy.

               Drug use has begun to consume your thought process.

  • Loved ones are hinting that you may have a problem with drugs.

         Our family members often spend the most time with us, and can see things that we aren’t often aware of. If loved ones are suggesting that you may have a problem, they’re probably right.

  • You’ve started doing things for drugs that you wouldn’t normally do.

  This could involve stealing, lying, blackmailing, or threatening others to get what you want, and indicates that you’re sacrificing your morals.

  • Your work is beginning to be affected.

         When you begin to lose control of your drug habit, work becomes an additional distraction from your body’s ultimate goal– getting that next fix.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these indicators, it’s time to seek professional help, before thing progress into something much worse. Dependency and addiction can happen during any stage of drug use, so it isn’t safe to assume that “you haven’t used enough” to really be in trouble. Once you head down that slippery road, recovery becomes harder, and relapse much easier. Nipping these problems in the bud while they are still small is key to preventing a devastating issue from occurring later on.