Sobriety is Just Another Term for a Long Road Ahead (in a Good Way)

Sobriety is Just Another Term for a Long Road Ahead (in a Good Way)

The word ‘sober’ has negative connotations for some people who think it maybe is cliched or old hat. On the flip side, it is another term for what lies ahead, which is sobriety, a clean slate, and a fresh beginning. Sober is the one word that beautifully represents the hugely positive transformation people experience in recovery. Learning to reclaim it for yourself can help you navigate the journey in a better way.

Think, Act, and Live Sober

Sobriety has a bit of a sparkly connotation to it. It signifies positivity, bravery, and authenticity. Being in recovery is about learning to deal with all the feelings that come up, regardless of how they impact your life. They are there and they are meant to be dealt with accordingly. When you think, act, and live a sober life, you are moving towards taking care of yourself and learning how to live without the use of substances glossing everything over. In this sense, things can truly begin to ‘sparkle’ and show their true colors to you.

Sober Life is Real Life

Sober life is more real. Sober fun is more authentic. Sober sadness teach people a lot about what they want out of life. Anger is easier to understand and pride is about losing humility and being justified in that feeling of righteous indignation. That is what comes out of recovery are all these feelings that color your memory of what was a very difficult time being addicted. Lots of people got hurt and you also were harmed by substance use. Sober life is real and it is a great thing. Don’t shy away from embracing the reality of sober life. It is hard work but it is about reclaiming your life and purpose. You are not giving up, you are gaining something wonderful.

How to Be Sober

It is hard to know how to be sober after so many years of being in addiction with all that entails. It is a learning journey made of a thousand steps forward. Some things that may help you appreciate sobriety include:

  • Staying positive
  • Standing in your truth
  • Appreciating connection
  • Relishing freedom from addiction

Living in your own truth about yourself now as a sober person can help you understand the healing journey. When you feel happy about yourself and are clean and present for your life, you begin to see that you are able to be free to live the life you always wanted.

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