Stick with the Winners: Building Positive Relationships in Recovery

When we look for friendships, there is an undeniable desire to search for like-minded people. In early recovery, however, we must be aware that we are in the process of self-development and change, and may have a tendency to seek out people who fit in with our old self rather than our new, sober self. It is highly recommended to look around and find those men and women in sobriety who are continually doing the right thing and have successfully moved past the thoughts and behaviors that drove them in addiction. When those around us are making the right decisions for their recovery, we are much more likely to make better decisions as well.
Many of us found that our desire to “fit in” drove us further into the depths of our addiction. We wanted to be liked and be part of a group, and had no qualms about using drugs or alcohol to do that. In sobriety, we found that many of the past friendships we had formed were far from genuine. Many of those whom we considered our friends quickly vanished once we made the decision to live a happy, joyous, and free life in sobriety. Those whom we considered our best friends proved to only be drinking or using buddies. We found, however, that potential genuine and lifelong friendships were in unlimited supply within the recovery community. With our personal changes came changes in those whom we sought out for friendships. When we defined ourselves by our addiction, the only common interest that we cared about was mutual drug or alcohol abuse. Through recovery, however, we finally began to truly know who we are as individuals, and rather than the superficial commonalities of addiction, we began to look for true friendship based on genuine compatibility. The recovery community is extremely eclectic. Undoubtedly, we will find both people who have not progressed in recovery and maintain the same mindset as we did in active addiction, and those who have embraced sobriety and continue to grow in their recovery. The latter are the “winner” whom we should seek out and be willing to learn from. When we surround ourselves with positive people in the fellowship, we see firsthand the possibility of joy and true friendship in sobriety.

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