Designer Drug Addiction Treatment

A designer drug is a substance that results from experimentation in a lab. Common designer drugs include MDMA, bath salts, ecstasy and MDPV. Designer drugs have been modified from their more traditional properties. They can have similar properties to drugs, including meth or heroin, but have been modified to the point they are no longer recognizable as the traditional form.

Individuals who suffer from an addiction to designer drugs seek stronger effects than they would receive from the more traditional drug. It is common with designer drugs that individuals become addicted more quickly and suffer more intense physical threats to their body, such as kidney or liver damage. Overdose and the risk of drug interactions are also two main concerns for individuals who are addicted to designer drugs. It is sometimes hard to prevent an accidental overdose or drug interactions from occurring with designer drugs due to the altered state of the substance.

Designer Drugs Rehab

Treatment for designer drugs varies a bit from traditional drug rehab. Since designer drugs are synthetic drugs, the rehab process focuses on helping patients recover from the addiction while avoiding unintentional drug interactions or an accidental overdose. Safe detoxification and recovery are what Oceanfront Recovery strives to provide for patients who seek treatment for designer drugs in Orange County.

Customized treatment plans are formed to help patients recover from designer drug addictions. It is common for patients to suffer from co-occurring disorders while seeking treatment at Oceanfront Recovery, and a plan for recovery can integrate this into the equation.

Treatment for designer drugs can be a stressful time, but patients are offered 24- hour support while at Oceanfront Recovery. A support system is one of the most important aspects of designer drugs rehab to help prevent relapse.

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