Marijuana Addiction Treatment

The legalization of medical marijuana in some states has undoubtedly contributed to the false belief that marijuana is not a strong or addictive drug. So while there is still some disagreement over whether marijuana is a gateway drug – one that leads to using harder drugs – the bottom line is marijuana itself is addictive, both physically and psychologically.

Marijuana acts on the brain by increasing production of serotonin, which triggers feelings of pleasure, so users begin to feel like they can only be happy if they are high. When “real” or sober life is experienced as negative compared to “high” life, the need to escape reality becomes the unhealthy and singular goal of the user.

Withdrawal from daily or regular use of marijuana does not produce physical symptoms as severe as withdrawal from opiates or meth, but sleeplessness, irritability, depression and anxiety all accompany marijuana withdrawal, making it a serious problem.

The psychological impact of regular usage is equally serious; withdrawal from people or society in general, paranoia, inability to concentrate, and diminished ambition and productivity can and do occur from marijuana abuse. This complex and often multi-faceted addiction is best handled in a specialized marijuana rehab center. Oceanfront Recovery in Laguna Beach provides marijuana treatment in Orange County with knowledge, compassion and support.

At Oceanfront Recovery, we know breaking free from marijuana addiction is only the first step in learning how to remain free after rehab has ended. A holistic approach is utilized, where patients attend educational seminars, group sessions and individual therapy sessions. Exercise and healthy nutrition are also parts of this program, as well as mindfulness, meditation and acupuncture treatments.

At our comprehensive center for marijuana treatment in Orange County, our experienced and compassionate marijuana rehab staff helps the user not just through the physical withdrawal symptoms, but to learn a whole new way of looking at life. Individualized treatment plans are designed for the specific needs of each patient. And the psychological problems that often accompany marijuana abuse are identified and appropriately treated so the patient can begin to learn – or relearn – the life skills that will allow him or her to feel pleasure, fulfillment and accomplishment in a life without dependence.

Oceanfront Recovery strives to treat all the psychological, physical and spiritual needs of the person who is starting the journey of recovery. Our whole-person approach is aimed at making sure the patient completing the program is equipped with all the information and skills he or she will need to remain sober after leaving the treatment center, and will be able to lead a productive and happy life – a life truly free from the prison of addiction.