Opana Addiction Treatment

If you suffer from Opana abuse, you know what a difficult road you have traveled. What began as treatment for severe pain has led to a much bigger problem. You are now facing the battle of addiction and cannot get through a single day without more Opana. You are desperate to get more of a drug that is highly addictive in nature, one that no longer even touches your pain. You want to stop, but you don’t know how. Seek Opana treatment at Oceanfront Recovery in Laguna Beach, California. Help is waiting for you.

The Facts About Opana

Opana is also known as oxymorphone hydrochloride and is opium-based. It is considered to be much more powerful than morphine. It is often prescribed for chronic pain relief or prior to surgery in order to relieve anxiety. While Opana was once only used in the hospital, it has become a commonly prescribed drug for pain management.

Its addictive nature has led to serious repercussions for many patients. One of the greatest dangers of Opana is its ability to produce a feeling of euphoria. Users experience such a positive rush each time they use Opana, and they simply must have more. It can easily get to the point that Opana use is out of control. If you find yourself addicted to the euphoric effects of Opana, you are not alone.

Signs and Symptoms of Opana Abuse

You know you are in trouble with Opana if:

  • You exceed your recommended dosage or take Opana frequently throughout the day
  • You have built a tolerance to Opana and need more to get the desired effect
  • You shop from doctor to doctor to get more Opana each time your prescription runs out

Don’t Fight Opana Addiction On Your Own

If you attempt to break the chains of addiction by yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure. The moment you stop using Opana, you will soon be up against the debilitating effects of withdrawal. You can experience a gamut of troubling symptoms, including:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Shivering
  • Intense cravings for Opana Cramping
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • No appetite

Withdrawal can make you feel so miserable that you will do anything to make your symptoms go away. The easiest solution is to get more Opana. Turn to Oceanfront Recovery for Opana Rehab in Orange County. You can be free from addiction, and we are here to help.

Our caring and professional staff will give you the support system you need every step of the way. From the struggle with detoxification to counseling sessions during recovery, you can find your way to a future without Opana in your life.

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If you are battling Opana addiction, Oceanfront Recovery in Orange County has an Opana treatment plan that will work for you. Call us today, We’re here to help.