Polysubstance Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse in any situation can be a difficult problem to overcome. This is especially the case when the individual suffers from a dependency on at least two substances at the same time. This is referred to as polysubstance abuse. The most common type of polysubstance abuse is when a person is addicted to alcohol and an opiate drug (prescription or non- prescription) simultaneously. However, a variety of drugs can be involved, including alcohol, marijuana, opiates, barbiturates, “club drugs” including GHB and roofies, and many different prescription drugs.

There are many risks associated with polysubstance abuse, but it is thought the most serious is drug interactions. In some cases, these interactions can be harmful or even fatal. Classic signs of polysubstance addiction include significant unexplained weight gain or loss, extreme and sometimes violent changes in mood, a lack of engagement in typical enjoyed activities, and defensive behaviors.

It is common for polysubstance issues to begin with the mixture of prescription drugs and other substances. People can often, without the intent of abusing drugs, mix a medication with another substance. Even if they do not intend to abuse drugs when they first do this, the experience of the results of the mixture can lead to dependency. Additionally, many people start using these substances in an attempt to relieve overwhelming physical or emotional pain.

In order to engage in effective polysubstance treatment, professionals need to be able to assess and evaluate the drugs that are involved, as well as any possible interactions between the drugs any given person may be taking. It is crucial that all of this information is known and processed before coming up with a detox plan for polysubstance rehab; in order to create a safe withdrawal plan for the individual, the interactions between all of the drugs in his or her system, as well as how they will each affect the system individually, need to be considered.

Drug addiction, including polysubstance addiction, often results from mental health issues. As such, it is important that polysubstance treatment addresses not only the addiction, but the underlying issues as well.

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