Salvia Addiction Rehab

There are many legal substances, yet they can still be quite dangerous. Salvia is one of them. Currently, it is not regulated by the Controlled Substances Act, but many states in the U.S., as well as other nations, have passed laws that regulate the use of salvia. Salvia is a perennial herb (full name Salvia divinorum) native to the Sierra Mazateca Mountain region in Mexico. It is a member of the mint family, and it is typically abused due to its hallucinogenic properties. The leaves of the plant are usually smoked or chewed, and this action creates the effect of a sense of dissociation, vivid hallucinations, feelings of being in a different time or place, and poor coordination. People can also drink the extracted juices, inhale or consume the drug in water pipes, and vaporize it before consumption.

Typically, the “trip” induced by salvia lasts no more than 25 minutes. It causes sensations of drowsiness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, effects on mood, anxiety, lightheadedness and extreme dizziness. Many users of this substance also report increased self confidence and racing thoughts.

Though salvia is not addictive, salvia abuse is certainly possible. It is considered to be dangerous because it alters the mental state of the person using it. A person can develop psychosis within a minute of taking this substance, or alternatively it can exacerbate another negative mood or even a mental or behavioral disorder that afflicts the individual. Even though many people may not take the effects of the substance seriously because it is indeed legal, salvia treatment will be necessary in cases where substance abuse has gotten out of control.

Even though salvia is not illegal and is not technically considered a drug, it can be damaging, and salvia rehab can be necessary in many cases. In these cases, one should feel free to contact a rehab facility, such as Oceanfront Recovery. The trained professionals at this facility can work with you to come up with a customized and tailored treatment plan that will fit your salvia treatment needs. Salvia rehab can be just as challenging as rehab for the abuse of more conventional drugs, and it will help to have excellent professionals guide you through the process of ending the cycle of salvia abuse. They are committed to helping you.