Successful Sobriety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with Thanksgiving now behind us, it’s only a matter of time before Christmas is upon us. For some of us, the holidays allow us to enjoy the rest and relaxation we need in the comfort of family and friends we love. For others, though, the holiday season may be marked by grief, regret, or loss, and it may take some effort for us to make it through. Whichever category we fall in, it’s important that we realize that keeping a handle on our sobriety during this time should be at the forefront of our minds, and that no matter how we feel, we’ve come too far to ever let substances have any part in our lives again.
One of the best ways to maintain our sobriety during the holiday season is to plan ahead of time as much as possible. If we know we’re going on a long break to be with family and friends, it doesn’t hurt to call for one more support group meeting or alumni event before we leave. It’s also a good idea to make note of events, gatherings, and venues where substances are less likely to be involved (say, a church charity ball, for instance), and plan to attend these when possible. We can’t control the people (or potential substances) around us, but we can sometimes avoid tricky situations by doing our research early!
Another great tip for staying successfully sober this holiday season is to find accountability buddies. We learn the importance of accountability in treatment, and being accountable is equally important when we’re out on our own. Picking a sober friend that we trust to check in with a few times a week at specific times helps us stay accountable and on the right path. It also gives us someone to talk to if we need encouragement or motivation during the holiday season.
Finally, we can stay sober this holiday season by encouraging those we’re celebrating the holidays with to help us make new traditions. When we were addicted, we likely weren’t in a grand holiday spirit during this time of the year. Now that we’re sober and loving every moment of life, however, we can start new, exciting traditions with family members and friends that can liven up our days, keep our minds occupied, and make us even closer to the ones we spend our time with.

The holiday season is a wonderful time for peace and relaxation, and there’s nothing like enjoying both absolutely free from substances. Using these tips can help us enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling holiday season. At Oceanfront Recovery of Laguna Beach, we’re committed to helping our clients set up successful long term goals for themselves, even after treatment. If you’re struggling with addiction this holiday season, you don’t have to be. Call us today at (877)279-1777.